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Hispanic Dating Site Increase Visitors To Site With the Help of Neftsworld

All websites need traffic, but in the highly competitive world of dating websites, the need for highly qualified traffic is more significant than in most sectors.

Below we will discuss how we worked with a niche website in the dating market.

Latino and hispanic datingHere at, we focus on driving highly qualified traffic to websites.  In the dating market, there are two kinds of people who will trail and then sign up for a dating website. These are people searching for a dating website and people who opportunistically will follow a link to a dating website.

The first category, those who are searching for a dating website are easy to address. With Google owning over 97% of all web traffic optimising the best for Google was a piece of cake. Here is what we did.

  1. Get the site design to look right for the audience
    1. Used a good strong colour palette and a series of romantic, enticing images
    2. We have designed each page with clear calls to action.
  2. Got the On-page SEO correct
  3. Wrote new content for all the gaps in content this site had
  4. Interlinked the content to provide a better user experience
  5. Wrote a series of Guest Blogs
  6. We outreached to journalist to make them aware of some of the dating research we had done and published.


One thing that is very clear to us is many people looking for dating services are actually looking for advice on which site to choose.  The Best Hispanic Dating Sites website is about giving a specific type of people advice on which type of site to use.  So this site does just that and recommends a first and second choice dating website or application for each given scenario.

As an example, if you are looking for Hispanic or Latino Dating in general, it will recommend one option. Still, if you class yourself in a sub-niche of the Latino community, for example, a Black Dating Latino, then an entirely different recommendation will be made.

What we encourage each of our customers to do on each page of there website is to provide content that entirely meets the thing that someone might have searched for. BY doing this, the searcher becomes a reader who is instantly engaged in the content; this helps reduces the bounce rate back to Google and improves rankings, increasing traffic and conversions.

At the beginning of this article we mentioned two different kinds of prospects, we have now discussed the first type of prospect, the second type of prospect was the person who is not overtly looking for love.

When people are not searching for things online but are using their computer, they are often using social media like Facebook Twitter, Instagram and a host of other social channels.  To capture this market, a mixture of banner advertising and PPC advertising was defined.

Each segment of the Latino dating market was identified, and a particular persona developed so we could decide how best to advertise to each individual.  This traffic converted nearly as well as targeted searchers which initially we found surprising.

We can only attribute this to the highly targeted messaging and bespoke landing pages combined with the fact that the only ask from the page was to sign up for a free trial of the recommended Latino dating site.


If you are in a specific niche and would like our help to build your online business, please use the contact form, and we will give you some free idea.



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