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What Is SEO Writing And Why Is It Important?

Businesses are always trying to find ways to get their information out to the public. They want people to know what they do, the products they sell, and their contact information. For many business owners, they are at a loss as to what to do to make their company stand out. They need to know what SEO is and why it is so important to the success of their business in the world today.

What Is SEO Writing Anyway?

SEO writing is the use of keywords strategically placed so a company’s website comes up in the search engines at a higher placement. SEO is another way of saying Search Engine Optimization. The SEO needs to be effective and many business owners are not skilled at this art. They need to hire someone that is an expert in this field to create SEO website content for them.

Why Is SEO Writing So Important?

When people are searching for something online, they will write something in the search engine. The search engine will choose websites that have good SEO in them. This will pull a company’s information up first in a search if it has the proper SEO writing on the website.

The SEO Expert

An expert at SEO knows the process inside and out. They have the abilities that are necessary to create SEO content. These professionals have experience in writing SEO for many years. They have a vast knowledge base and they are adept at online protocols. They know what people search for online and they can make a company’s website stand out from the others. This will assist the company in acquiring a good, online presence. This online presence is highly important for business because of the use of computers. People use the computer to search for products and services that they need on a regular basis.

What Is SEO Writing Pricing?

The pricing for SEO writing will vary, depending on the company that is used. A business owner will want to shop around to find a company that will do SEO writing for them at a reasonable price. They need this service so that they can be found online easier by the public. This is how they will find customers and convert them into sales.

Can A Company Write Their Own SEO Content?

In most cases, hiring a professional to write the SEO is advised. This is because they are trained professionals in SEO writing. They are able to know what keywords will pull up fast in a search. Most business owners do not know this information very well. A professional is adept at this and their knowledge is vast for placing SEO content correctly.

What Information Is Pertinent For A Website?

A company will need to have their contact information, details about their company, products or services that they are selling, and how to purchase from them. They need to give this information to the SEO writer that they hire. All of this information needs to be correct and concise. The SEO writer will be able to format the SEO content. This is a process that they use. They will also create links that work so a company’s website is easy for people to access and move about on.

For many business owners, what is SEO writing was always something that they pondered over. In the future, they know that their SEO content is what will give them the online presence that they need to stay competitive in their field. They want to be a leader in the industry so their website will SEO enriched to get the results that they have been looking for.


Hispanic Dating Site Increase Visitors To Site With the Help of Neftsworld

All websites need traffic, but in the highly competitive world of dating websites, the need for highly qualified traffic is more significant than in most sectors.

Below we will discuss how we worked with a niche website in the dating market.

Latino and hispanic datingHere at, we focus on driving highly qualified traffic to websites.  In the dating market, there are two kinds of people who will trail and then sign up for a dating website. These are people searching for a dating website and people who opportunistically will follow a link to a dating website.

The first category, those who are searching for a dating website are easy to address. With Google owning over 97% of all web traffic optimising the best for Google was a piece of cake. Here is what we did.

  1. Get the site design to look right for the audience
    1. Used a good strong colour palette and a series of romantic, enticing images
    2. We have designed each page with clear calls to action.
  2. Got the On-page SEO correct
  3. Wrote new content for all the gaps in content this site had
  4. Interlinked the content to provide a better user experience
  5. Wrote a series of Guest Blogs
  6. We outreached to journalist to make them aware of some of the dating research we had done and published.


One thing that is very clear to us is many people looking for dating services are actually looking for advice on which site to choose.  The Best Hispanic Dating Sites website is about giving a specific type of people advice on which type of site to use.  So this site does just that and recommends a first and second choice dating website or application for each given scenario.

As an example, if you are looking for Hispanic or Latino Dating in general, it will recommend one option. Still, if you class yourself in a sub-niche of the Latino community, for example, a Black Dating Latino, then an entirely different recommendation will be made.

What we encourage each of our customers to do on each page of there website is to provide content that entirely meets the thing that someone might have searched for. BY doing this, the searcher becomes a reader who is instantly engaged in the content; this helps reduces the bounce rate back to Google and improves rankings, increasing traffic and conversions.

At the beginning of this article we mentioned two different kinds of prospects, we have now discussed the first type of prospect, the second type of prospect was the person who is not overtly looking for love.

When people are not searching for things online but are using their computer, they are often using social media like Facebook Twitter, Instagram and a host of other social channels.  To capture this market, a mixture of banner advertising and PPC advertising was defined.

Each segment of the Latino dating market was identified, and a particular persona developed so we could decide how best to advertise to each individual.  This traffic converted nearly as well as targeted searchers which initially we found surprising.

We can only attribute this to the highly targeted messaging and bespoke landing pages combined with the fact that the only ask from the page was to sign up for a free trial of the recommended Latino dating site.


If you are in a specific niche and would like our help to build your online business, please use the contact form, and we will give you some free idea.



Difference for SEO

Know the difference between SEO for Blogs and Web Pages

Search Engine Optimization has the key to bring large quantities of complimentary traffic to a site from a particular target audience.  Many fundamental concepts of SEO stays the very same throughout various kinds of site pages, but there are still differences in SEO of most page types.

Most notably, blog posts need to be optimized differently from the web page and so forth.

Site Pages vs. Blog Site Posts

Naturally, a “site” is an abstract concept; what we consider sites are arranged collections of specific pages. The total domain authority of a website can impact rankings, Google and other search engines still rank particular pages rather than whole sites.

For the functions of this conversation, “site pages” describes the pages you’ll most typically see on any service site: house, about, professions, and abilities pages are some examples.

On the other hand, an “article” is a single page which contains text material in the design of a short article. The article can naturally consist of images and videos, and these things can affect rankings. However, the text stays the primary driver of SEO.

Google and other engines do not evaluate site pages and article extremely in a different way. Instead, the differences in how individuals utilize these pages, and how they tend to be produced, add to differences in search ranking.

Crucial differences between site pages and post consist of:

  • Individuals pertain to site pages for details about a business.
  • Individuals relate to the article for more information about a subject.
  • Site pages are most likely to remain continuous, whereas the post is released continuously.
  • Site pages are most likely than an article to obtain links, as they are the original location for linkers to send out traffic.

These differences add to a natural pattern in what ranks and what does not: Site pages are most likely to rank for head terms than long-tail keywords. The article is most likely to rank for long-tail keywords than head terms. Why?

SEO Differences for Blog Site Posts and Site Pages

Site pages are light on the material, however, get great deals of links. The web page in specific typically has the highest page authority of the whole website.

Because of that, they can rank for specific expressions– such as “life science marketing” or “life science marketing firm” that are relatively competitive. Utilizing the keyword on-page, including it in the URL, and making it the page’s title are all essential practice.

These pages usually are light on text (for significant factor). That makes it challenging to rank for semantically associated terms, as the material on-page does not have much depth or breadth of the subject.

On the other hand, the post will hardly ever rank for competitive head terms. The article tends to obtain fewer links than the web page and does not take pleasure in the almost automated traffic that takes place from top quality searches.

It’s unwise to recommend that all material be enormously investigated and definitively reliable. In lots of fields, the life sciences, and health care being prime examples, there aren’t one hundred percent conclusive responses.

That sort of material might not resonate with all audiences, or might be flat out unneeded for some subjects. There is no one-size-fits-all technique for SEO and content marketing.

It would be silly to attempt to rank, particularly for “how to develop a material method for a life science item launch.” Ranking for other long-tail keywords and consisting of typically associated terms will assist you to appear for that and other particular searches.

The post will not typically have the ability to rank for head terms. They can often rank for long-tail keywords.

Review of London Seo

Review of London Seo Agencies

London Seo Agency review
Is Your SEO Agency Outstanding?

There are many Search Engine optimisation(SEO) companies based out of or operating in London, but how do you sort the wheat from the chaff

Choosing the right London SEO agency can have major consequences for your business and the success and financial health of your organisation.

A first rate London SEO company that is focused on the financial success of your business or organisation will, not only see growth in your organic search engine traffic, but with the right SEO partnership, businesses in any sector can increase sales and decrease their advertising budgets for paid search and other forms of media.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to increase search visibility and drive organic traffic growth.  The process of optimising your website is a difficult process with many moving parts which all interact together to provide good or poor performance.

There is no worldwide recognised certification for SEO companies, this means that it’s often misunderstood by poor SEO agencies and clients alike. People who maintain that they have inside knowledge of Google’s algorithms, or who play up the mystique surrounding SEO, are, usually, lying.

Good SEO requires a deep understanding of how search engines work, attention to detail, and constant modifications since Google’s algorithms change almost weekly. This can only be gained through working with sites in many different sectors, running your own experimental sites and belonging to the best SEO learning programmes in the world. A good SEO agency’s biggest expense is, the training it invests in for its staff, followed by the tools it invests in and the level of experimental sites they run to allow trial and error experiments.  If a SEO company does not have these resources in place, they are almost certainly at best guessing what works and at worst experimenting using your money and your websites!

These “Guessing agencies” use potentially damaging techniques like keyword stuffing, buying cheap ineffectual links, link stuffing and cloaking, these practices could mean that you lose ranking positions or at worst get your website banned from Google altogether.

Once Google’s bots discover that you’re using these techniques Google will demote your site in their rankings, which will decrease organic traffic.

When hiring a good SEO company, you should be very clear about your business goals. Never hire a company who does not insist on precise measurable goals and has the systems in place to monitor the performance of each goal.

Whatever you do, do not hire a SEO firm with the vague goal of “increasing organic traffic.’’  A good SEO firm will take the time upfront, to understand your business, what products or services you wish to promote and the value of each of these sales in terms of sales revenue and bottom-line profit.

When any decent SEO agency has gathered this information, they will be able to tell you the likely cost and timescale for ranking each of your chosen keywords on the first page of Google, which realistically is the only place you want to be. They will also be able to advise you on the return on investment over time for ranking each of these keywords.  This can then be matched against your budget. When the ROI is simply not there, any decent agency will be able to recommend alternative strategies to achieve your business goals, or even advise you to find alternative means other than SEO of driving traffic to your website.

When looking for your SEO company make sure they have done all these steps with your involvement and that you fully understand the costs, likely ROI and timescales, also understand what progress will be achieved over time. SEO can take many months before you start to achieve the desired results.

Once you’ve outlined your goals and narrowed down your options to a few companies, it’s time to make sure that you and the company that you choose to work with have a clear method of charting your progress once you get started. In other words, what is the end goal of ranking for specific keywords?

A good SEO firm will explain the difference between SEO services and SEM services. SEO is the process of increasing organic rankings for your chosen keywords, this is typically tracked by the number of the organic impressions received in the likes of Google and Bing.

SEM usually covers the wider disciplines of number of visitors to site and number of conversions into sales for these visitors.

In our opinion getting hundreds of thousands of impressions is worthless unless people click on your SERP listing and go to your site. Even then if they read your content and don’t act this is virtually worthless unless your whole aim is to raise brand awareness.

The last thing to consider is can you work with the firm concerned; many SEO companies operate in isolation in a black box type environment. They have poor communication skills and do not adapt or report over time.  If you have chosen, the right SEO firm you are likely not to need to change you’re SEO company you work with for several years as they will go out of their way to continually deliver value to your business.

SEO Marketing Tips

What Does SEO Stand For? Top Search Engine Marketing Tips

What does SEO stand for? SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO work involves undertaking a range of on-page and off-page techniques to improve a domain’s position on SERP (search engine results pages) for valuable keywords.

Here are some top SEO tips:

  1. Start guest blogging.
    Submitting guest posts to influential blogs in your niche can help to improve SERP rankings dramatically. Quality backlinks are a core part of any effective SEO strategy. You should be seeking to improve your URL’s link juice profile. Links to your website from external authoritative blogs in your niche are perfect for boosting URL link juice.
  2. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.
    Google started implementing mobile-first indexing months ago now, so it’s rare to find websites that are not using mobile-optimised design. If by chance, your own business website is still not using a responsive design theme, you need to upgrade today. A site that is not mobile-friendly is instantly penalised by Google’s ranking algorithm as mobile-friendliness is core ranking factor.
  3. Create long-form content.
    Google now values long-form content more than ever before, so you need to ensure that your website contains some high-quality articles that exceed 2000 words. You also need to make sure that when you are building backlinks on blog networks, you publish posts longer than the convention 300 to 500-word length. Do you remember back in 2009 when you can submit a couple of dozen 150-word keyword-optimised posts to a private blog network and obtain almost overnight top positions on SERP? Those days are over. Long-form content is the future.

It’s important to make sure that all of the long-form content you publish on your website is also optimised for human visitors. Make sure that articles are easily scannable with highlighted key takeouts for those who have limited time. At the same time, don’t stop asking yourself the question

“What does SEO stand for?”


  1. Leverage the power of social media platform.

    Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be a great source of linkless mentions if you commit yourself to raising brand awareness. The reality is that linkless mentions are almost guaranteed to become a crucial SERP ranking algorithm factor in the months to come. Get a head start today.

  2. Avail of professional SEO services.

    If you run a business in a very competitor sector, seeking professional SEO services is almost going to be essential. You can’t outrank competitors with multi-million dollar marketing budgets using DIY SEO strategies. Just make sure you seek out white hat SEO service providers. If you find yourself working with an SEO agency that you suspect is utilising some shady practices, don’t hesitate to pull out of the service. Any use of black hat SEO techniques will result in permanent deindexing of your website’s URL and domain form all search results. Recovering from permanent deindexing as an online business owner can be next to impossible.

  3. Revisit keyword research.

    Keyword research is not a task you complete once and never revisit. You should always be on the lookout for low competition, high search volume keywords and longtail keywords related to your business niche.

  4. Don’t forget about local SEO.

    Local SEO is something that many businesses don’t know how to approach, especially those who specifically cater to a global consumer base. Regardless of your consumer base, local SEO can be very powerful as results are fast. You can spend less than $100 on a local SEO campaign and see almost instant results subject to the nature of your business.

At the beginning of this article, we asked the question “What does SEO stand for?”. Hopefully, you found the additional SEO tips also presented helpful and will seek to incorporate some them into your upcoming internet marketing campaigns.